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Questions And Answers

Where is the institute located?
The institute is in the heart of Alexandria, steps away from the train station that connects Alexandria with all governorates. The institute's address: Dr. Muhammad Abul Fotouh Hassab Street, off Victor Emmanuel Street, next to Mostafa Kamel Tunnel, Smouha, Alexandria.

When was the institute established?
Resolution No. 1103 of 1997 established the institute, issued by Prof. Dr. / Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

How many years of study?
The study period at the Institute is five years, including field training in companies and factories to link the study to scientific life in preparation for the labor market.

Is the certificate granted by the institute accredited and recognized?
All degrees awarded by the institute are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and equivalence from the Supreme Council of Universities with scientific degrees granted by Egyptian public universities. The institute is also accredited by the Federation of Arab Engineers, the Federation of African Universities, and the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, and its students enjoy their right to be enrolled in the union upon their graduation.

How much are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees for the current academic year 2023-2024 are 26555.6 pounds + 500 pounds for application and military education fees, noting that tuition fees are determined by the Ministry of Higher Education.

What are the secondary certificates accepted by the institute?
The institute accepts students with the general secondary certificate (the science of sports) or is equivalent to the certificates of Arab and foreign countries (IGCSE & American Diploma) and Al-Azhar secondary school.

What is the minimum for admission to the institute?
The minimum admission threshold for this year 2023/2024 is 285.5 degrees, with a percentage of 69.63%, noting that it is determined by the Coordination Office and the Ministry of Higher Education each year.

How to apply to the institute?
The application is made at the institute through the electronic coordination website
by following the steps shown in this video : Noting that the name of the institute on the coordination website is (Alexandria Higher Institute of Technology in Smouha with expenses) and the Ministry of Higher Education sets the start and end dates for the stages of different coordination

The following documents are submitted to the Student Affairs Department at the Institute as soon as the coordination result appears:
1- Printing the nomination card from the coordination site
2- The original electronic birth certificate
3- The original high school success form
4- Form 2 soldiers from the Security Directorate for males
5- Form 6 soldiers for males from the police station to which the place of residence belongs, for those born in 2005 and before
6- 3 personal photos
7- A copy of the student's and guardian's ID card. noting that tuition fees are paid in full of the documents submitted

What are the conditions for transferring to the institute?
The conditions for transferring to the institute from engineering or non-engineering entities are shown on the institute's website on the following page. Learn More

How are students distributed among the different scientific departments?
Students are distributed among majors according to internal coordination that takes place after the results of the preparatory year exams appear, according to the student's wishes and the priority of the cumulative average (GPA) and the general estimate.

What are the means of communication with the institute?
You can communicate through page messages or by calling the following numbers.
Landline: 03-4254380 / 03-4254370
Mobile: 01001940064
WhatsApp 01012133336