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Scientific Research Seminars

The Institute holds periodic scientific research seminars (Seminars) in which the members of the supporting staff present their scientific research and progress in postgraduate studies in the presence of their colleagues, faculty members, and heads of departments.

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7/3/2022 Eng.Mohamed badr Fault detection and diagnosis of photovoltaic array under grid-connected operation
21/2/2022 Dr.Lamia Ali Diagnosing pneumonia and COVID-19 from chest X-rays using deep learning enhanced neural networks
20/9/2021 Dr.Ahmed Nour Voltage violation mitigation using distributed batteries in rooftop PV systems
27/9/2021 Dr.Ahmed Hanaa Robust hybrid state estimation and topology fault identification in electric power systems
5/10/2021 Dr.Amira Elbatoty RFID security using chaotic maps
11/10/2021 Dr.Amr Nasr Development of a fuzzy controller with a neural network model for a mobile robot manipulator with uncertain parameters applied to inspect an automotive cracked exhaust system
23/11/2021 Dr.Amira Gamal New highly efficient techniques for image encryption and information hiding using chaotic, fuzzy, wavelet and DNA-inspired techniques
15/11/2021 Dr.Mostafa Abdel Razek Strong in Ductive wire strength
25/10/2021 Dr.Magdy Adel Design of weak and partially adaptive antenna arrays using compressive sensing
19/10/2021 Dr. Amr Abdel fatah A new approach to improving the training performance of deep neural networks based on ensemble machine learning
24/6/2021 Eng.Aml Zakzouk Improving the Healthcare System Using Blockchain Technology (Online)
4/3/2021 Eng.Mohamed Badr Troubleshooting and diagnosing a photovoltaic array in a grid-connected process (online)
4/2/2021 Eng.Ahmed Shata Active Magnet Bearing System Control (Online)
18/12/2021 Eng.Kaloleen kamil Hybrid Algorithms for Autonomous Robot Path Planning (Online)
17/1/2021 Eng.Omar Keshek Textured bearing surface to reduce coefficient of friction Lubricated (on-line)
21/1/2021 Eng.Asma Attia Simulation and analytical comparison of load management technologies (online)
1/4/2020 Eng.Eman Khairy KNX (online)
18/3/2020 Eng.Tasneem El Rouby Optimization of speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motor using particle swarm optimization and squid hysteresis Camauf (online)
24/12/2020 Eng.Esraa Abdel sadek Optimize Pregnancy Management (Online)
10/12/2020 Eng.Mostafa Abdel Razek Powerful Inductive Wire Power Transmission (Online)
24/2/2020 Eng.Soha Gab Allah Manufacture of nanofibers using electrostatic technology to resist corrosion of aluminum metal
24/2/2020 Eng.Dina Mokhtar Stress analyzes of advanced composite and nanomaterials
17/2/2020 Eng.Walaa Abou huseen Grid interface inverters for renewable energy system
17/2/2020 Eng.Amita Elbatoty A new mixed static S-Box algorithm using random maps
23/12/2019 Eng.Ahmed Fouad Proposed intelligent UWB imaging system for breast cancer
16/12/2019 Eng.Ahmed Nour Evaluation of power loss in a distribution grid line with a grid-connected rooftop PV system using mitigation techniques
16/12/2019 Eng.Shimaa Helal The effect of operating parameters on the performance of an industrial ammonia oxidation reactor
18/11/2019 Eng.Magdy Abdel Hai Applications of piezo sensing in antenna arrays
18/11/2019 Eng.Amr Nasr Exhaust gas detection using fuzzy mobile handling control with neural network-based pose correction
18/11/2019 Dr.Ahmed Abeed Highlighting the application of Six Sigma in higher education
21/10/2019 Eng.Ahmed Hanaa Definition of relevant subnetwork for topology fault detection in power systems