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Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics can be seen as one of the most important basic sciences in the future of engineering and its modern applications. It is one of the most complex engineering fields because it combines many related engineering branches. The term mechatronics means that it is the approach that aims at the continuous integration of mechanics, electronics, and automatic control as it aims to achieve integration with the Department of Computer Engineering due to its reliance on it in the design of products and manufacturing industries, which distinguishes the graduate of this department, which is his ability to deal with all advanced industries. Graduates of this specialization have an important role in the industrial field, as they have skills in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and control engineering.
Why the mechatronics department?
1.The Department of Mechatronics Engineering is a unique department that combines mechanical engineering with electronic engineering to graduate a distinguished engineer who can work in integrated and modern engineering systems.
2. Opportunities for the graduate to work in various fields, including refrigeration, air conditioning, modern cars, petroleum, energy, robots, medical devices, aircraft, aerospace engineering, design, and maintenance of hydraulic devices.
3. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in engineering equivalent from the Supreme Council of Universities with the certificate granted by public universities in the same major and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
4. Accreditation of the department's graduates from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate and their entitlement to union registration immediately upon graduation.
5. Education through a selection of experienced faculty members and distinguished supporting staff from various Egyptian universities.
6. Providing opportunities for practical application, whether within the Institute's laboratories or through field training in companies.

The Institute is proud that it includes within its faculty members with capabilities and skills appropriate to this specialization. The Institute also includes a modern and advanced group of laboratories in this field.


The department's vision is represented in the absolute practical and scientific leadership of the department's graduates by keeping abreast of modern technical developments in the fields of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering to have an effective role in community service and environmental development.

The Message

The mission of the Mechatronics Engineering Department is to prepare engineers capable of innovation and technological creativity and to play an effective role in building the national knowledge society by providing a scientific environment that keeps pace with the continuous development of mechatronics engineering sciences, which is concerned with the methods of designing and building modern mechatronics systems in both its mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, including computer control parts and systems Micro electromechanics.