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Student Activities

Science and Technology Committee

This committee is interested in scientific activities in terms of participation in conferences, as well as holding scientific competitions and preparing scientific journals.

Families Committee

It is interested in forming student families at the institute to allow a larger number of students to participate in activities through an organized gathering under the supervision of faculty members.

Social Committee

This committee is concerned with all social activities in terms of organizing trips and visits, holding blood donation campaigns, collecting donations on various occasions, and celebrating Orphan Day.

Scout Committee

This committee is interested in establishing internal camps for the Jawala clan, which are formed by those who are willing to work in these camps

Culture Committee

This committee is concerned with all cultural activities in terms of holding cultural competitions as well as preparing cultural magazines and wall newspapers and forming cultural groups with common interests.

Artistic Committee

Interested in all artistic activities, discovering, and supporting existing artistic talents by forming different teams such as singing and music teams, theater teams, and drawing teams

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The Sports Committee

The committee is concerned with all sports activities and all individual and team sports at the internal or external level in terms of discovering and supporting all sports talents.

Union formation

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