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Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering has become the ideal choice for any industry, as it includes production technology and management of manufacturing processes to reach the best quality with the highest efficiency and lowest cost. Therefore, a graduate of industrial engineering has the great ability to plan, implement, and manage, whether in the manufacture of products or the provision of services and the management of quality operations, which has become indispensable In any existing industry, as well as conducting engineering economic studies to provide solutions and alternatives, which qualifies him to work in all types of factories, supply chains, project management, oil and mining, and quality systems management.
Why the Department of Industrial Engineering?
1. The Department of Industrial Engineering includes teaching production technology and managing manufacturing processes and seeks to graduate engineers capable of planning, implementation, and management.
2. Opportunities for the graduate to work in various fields, including: manufacturing all types of products, as well as planning and implementing projects and quality systems.
3. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in engineering equivalent from the Supreme Council of Universities with the certificate granted by public universities in the same specialization and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
4. Accreditation of the graduates of the department from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate and their entitlement to union registration immediately upon graduation.
5. Education through a selection of faculty members with expertise and distinguished assistant staff from various Egyptian universities.
6. Providing opportunities for practical application, whether within the Institute's laboratories or through field training in companies.

The institute is proud that it includes its faculty members with capabilities and skills appropriate to this specialization. The institute also includes a modern and developed group of laboratories in this field.


Providing modern technology that is consistent with the actual needs of the local and regional labor market to achieve excellence and leadership at the regional and international levels.

The Message

The Department of Industrial Engineering is committed to preparing a qualified graduate for distinguished career paths in the field of industrial engineering, equipped with the competencies and skills that qualify him to compete in the local and regional labor markets. He also can innovate, entrepreneurship, and produce internationally distinguished scientific research that is in line with modern scientific and technological developments within the framework of social values and responsibility.