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Academic schedules for the academic year 2023/2024

Instructions for students regarding the study schedule

1- The classrooms were divided so that each class (Section) was within the limits of twenty students, and the lectures were divided into the limits of sixty students.

2- Tut abbreviation and lab abbreviation. Some classes will be attended in the first 45 minutes of the period, and others in the second 45 minutes of the period, as shown in the schedule.

3- In each period, it is indicated in the table, whether it is a lecture, an exercise, or a laboratory, and the name of the lecturer and the place are also indicated.

4- Each column is titled odd (odd) or even (even) if the lecture, exercise, or lab is in one square, The attendance is done once every two weeks, for example, if there is a lecture in the first individual period, it will be attended in the odd weeks only. But if the lecture, exercise, or laboratory is in two consecutive squares, the attendance is done weekly, for example, a lecture in period 2, individual and double, and this lecture will be attended in the second period of each week.

Study timetables for the first term of the academic year 2023-2024