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Welcome Message

Welcome to our Institute.

I extend all the welcome and appreciation, and I congratulate the new students in the preparatory group, wishing them success during their studies at the institute in all its departments. I also congratulate my sons, the students at the Institute in its different years, on the new academic year. As you know, the Institute's management spares no effort in providing all scientific and practical capabilities for everyone, to qualify for a bachelor's degree in engineering and to work as qualified engineers who are qualified for the labor market in morals and knowledge, and this is what we always strive for. The Alexandria Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology includes a group of faculty members and support staff who are distinguished in their specializations, and they all provide a lot of effort, work, and perseverance, which is reflected in the graduates of the institute and their good reputation. It also includes a group of administrative staff that supports educational services to reach you easily and conveniently.

Prof.Dr Wagih Al-Askari

My Students

This is your institute inviting you to receive education and knowledge, so I hope that you will respond to the call and strive in your academic studies to be an example to others and pride for your institute and then to serve our country and our dear homeland, as the renaissance of nations is measured by the children's attainment of knowledge and knowledge, so forward to catch up with advanced technology in all fields. I also invite you to participate in the activities of the Student Union in all its various committees and to practice extracurricular student activities in parallel to obtain a bachelor's degree with honorable mention, so that you are engineers who can serve the community and build our beloved country, Egypt.