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Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering The computer engineering specialty is defined as a branch of engineering disciplines that combines studies and different scientific fields to build computer parts and software, which are called Software and hardware. Databases, protection systems, expert systems, industrial control systems, and other applications. Computer engineering is also concerned with designing, maintaining, analyzing, and examining materials, devices, and computer systems, which allows the computer engineer to work in many fields, including maintenance and development of components of several types of computers, programming using different languages, designing, and managing computer networks and systems. Smartphones, robotics, mobile applications, and web design
Why the Computer Engineering Department?
1. The Department of Computer Engineering includes teaching software and hardware in an era when information technology has become one of the basics of the work of all companies around the world
2. All companies and institutions
3. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in engineering equivalent from the Supreme Council of Universities with the certificate granted by public universities in the same specialization and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education
4. Accreditation of the department's graduates from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate and their entitlement to union registration upon graduation
5. Education Through a selection of experienced faculty members and distinguished assistant staff from various Egyptian universities
6. Providing opportunities for practical application, whether within the Institute's laboratories or through field training in companies.

The Institute is proud that it includes within its faculty members with capabilities and skills appropriate to this specialization. The Institute also includes a modern and advanced group of laboratories in this field.


The department's vision is represented in the professional leadership of the department's graduates by keeping pace with the rapid development in the field of computer engineering and its multiple specializations so that the community can participate in the development and sustainability of environmental resources.

The message

The mission of the Department of Computer Engineering is to prepare engineers capable of innovation and technological creativity and to play an effective role in building the national knowledge society by providing a scientific environment to keep pace with the continuous development of computer engineering sciences by activating cooperation between academic study and acquiring practical skill from houses of expertise in the local and global labor market.