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Application Process

Application Process :

  • The application to join the institute is made through the electronic coordination website, where the student registers his desires by following the steps shown in this video. Tansik Website

  • The student chooses the institute (Alexandria Higher Institute of Technology, Smouha, with fees) as a first desire.

  • After the result of the coordination stage appears, the student prints the nomination card for the institute and goes to the institute.

  • The student or his guardian must bring the necessary documents to register the nominated students at the institute.

  • He fills out the electronic application form for joining the institute, which he registers in one of the computer laboratories at the institute.

  • He goes to the Student Affairs Department to hand over the required documents to the employee in charge of the preparatory group.

  • The competent employee edits the tuition fee payment portfolio, and the student pays it at any QNB branch, then returns to the institute's headquarters to hand over the deposit portfolios to the institute's treasury and obtain a tuition fee payment receipt approved by the institute.

  • The student or his guardian completes the paper enrollment application form, which contains the full data of the student and the data of the guardian.

  • Then the student gets the university card for the academic year in the enrollment year.

The original qualification was obtained.

  • Original birth certificate
  • A copy of the national ID.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • The position of conscription for those who have reached 18 years of age.
  • Model 2 Soldier.
  • Personal Photos.
  • Print the nomination card from the coordination website.