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  Electronics and communications Engineering is a broad professional discipline concerned with the analysis, design and management of electronic circuitry, voice, data and video systems. The complexity of modern industrial and service organizations with their emphasis on quality, increased effectiveness and higher productivity through automation and computerization has led to an increased demand for a new bread of electronics and communications engineering graduates.

The Role of Electronics and Communications Engineers...

Engineers are builders, doers, and decision-makers. Today's Electronics and Communications Engineers are those who understand the design/make/ inspect/manage electronics and communications systems that generate, transmit, and utilize signals. They draw upon the knowledge of mathematics, physical and technical engineering sciences to function as problem solvers, innovators, designers, coordinators and system integrators.

Electronics and Communications Engineers practice in all phases of electronics and communications industries and government agencies. They design and coordinate the design of man-machined systems, computer controlled systems.


The department seeks to graduate engineers scientifically distinct them the ability to participate in the areas of electronics and communications engineering, depending on the education of high quality compatible with regional and international standards .


This department aims to provide high-quality education in the field of electronic and communications engineering in order to enhance the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market and contribute to economic development and relevant scientific specialization by maintaining a positive environment academic excellence in teaching, learning and scientific research, which creates a constructive interaction between students and academic members as well as industrial society where the available resources of the technical knowledge and research capacity are used to encourage the thinking and the development of mental skills as well as developing communication skills.

  Computers praliferate all areas of activity in our life. Nowadays government departments and industrial firms as well as universities and bussiness establishments not can do without computers . In view of the novelty of computer technologies and the multitude of their attendant problems, there emerged a desperate need for national specialists and qualified personnel who can cope with the tremendous rate of computer technology development, and contribute positively to the solution of problems hindering the optimum use of such technologies in different areas.

Based on the objectives of AIT in qualifying specialists in technological and engineering field, and in response to the increasing demands for computer engineering, it was natural , to establish a computer engineering department within the institute.

Department Objectives.

The computer engineering department manages and conducts all activities regarding course work, lab experiments, and hands-on computer sessions in the area of computer engineering at large. This ranges from specialized short courses to 5 years computer engineering program. The department is supported with a wide range of well equipped computer labs and facilities to allow providing about 50% of study time to hands-on experiaence.

In order to accomplish the aforementioned objectives, the computer engineering department offers the following:
  • B. Sc. in computer Engineering.
  • Training and consultation.

Graduate Opportunities

The responsibilities of the graduate of the computer engineering department encompass specifying the most suitable computer equipment for a certain function, offering expert opinion and consultations in the field, supervising computer installations and operation, planning their sites and environments and design and implementation of software packages.

The Department aims to provide a significant educational level, dependent on the national and international academic standards, to contribute in various Computer Engineering fields, scientific research and community services.


The Department seeks to graduate qualified engineers through a distinct educational program in the field of Computer Engineering to meet the requirements of the labor market, adapt to rapid changes in the fields of science, research and technology and contribute to the development of society and the surrounding environment.

  The new Department opened in 2001 The recommendation was based on a thorough market survey. The objective has been to establish a strong program in a much-needed specialization that would complement rather than duplicate the offerings of the national universit.

In reality, most of Mechanical Engineering programs of study are oriented towards producing design engineering in the various sub-areas of Mechanical Engineering. However the Mechatronics Engineering program is directed to foster technology advances in the industry, equipment and methods, project level controls and management.

The program is expected to fill the gap between design oriented education of Mechanical Engineering programs and industry. This gap has been a major concern of the International Organizations who are involved in Mechanical Engineering in Egypt, as well as Arab and African countries

The Role of Mechatronics Engineers

TMechatronics Engineers play a major role in energy utilization and conservation, in solar energy, design and selection, management, operation and maintenance of both conventional and non-conventional power plants, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, transportation and automotive fields, and in the fields of automation, fluid machinery, production and processing machinery including the petroleum and chemical fields.

The department aims at meeting modern scientific standards, concerning the discipline, in order to graduate distinguished engineers capable of developing the community scientifically, practically and technically. This is carried out by implementing methods of scientific research and modern knowledge, as well as providing the necessary training opportunities, so that graduates are prepared for successful and distinguished occupations, to serve in the development of the community.


The department's mission implements a high – quality program that contributes to qualifying students with distinguished academic standards. This program meets national and international standards of education and academic research, in order to prepare students to analyses, design, integrate and link electro-mechanical systems via control. The program further aims at providing students with academic and practical skills, which enable them to ideally implement technologies that provide the best engineering solutions, in order to serve the community in the fields of industry and technological development.


Industrial Engineering department professional discipline concerned with the design control and management of integrated systems and procedures for organizing the resources of production people ,materials, equipment and information to achieve specific objectives .

  Industrial Engineers combine the abilities of engineers and managers.So they have to understand the design, operation, inspection, management and use of systems and the integration of those functions.
  Industrial Engineers draw upon the knowledge of technical engineering sciences combined with management behavioral sciences to function as problem solvers, innovators designers , coordinators, and system integrators . Industrial Engineers design and coordinate components of plant facilities, man – machine systems ,material handling systems . information systems computer –controlled systems, and inventory systems.
  In addition, they analyze costs and economic feasibility human abilities and needs , jobs and work measurement of systems . These give them wide acquaintance with industrial problems.

The vision of the Department of Industrial Engineering is to assure the scientific standards in order to prepare an industrial engineer to be in continuous development with the work market requirements through the application of scientific research and techniques and modern knowledgement that contribute to community service.


The mission of the Department to prepare students with educational levels that assure  the  scientific standards in industrial engineering, with a commitment to develop the professional skills of students through the application of science of administration and management,  facility planning , feasibility study, improving production quality and increasing productivity as well as development of communication skills and teamwork ability to graduate successful and distinctive student to this specialization

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