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Student's activities are being practiced in the institute through 6 committees

Motor Cycle Committee Family Committee Art Committee
Sports Committee Social Committee Cultural Committee

Each of these committees can undertake its own activity. These communities include all students' activities such as:

Motor Cycle Committee Top
It 's concerned with organizing campus and motor cycle trips and scouting activities and finding the spirit of cooperation among students.

Family Committee Top
Is concerned with students' families and their performer in the institute. It also follows up the family activity and strengthens the spirit of cooperation between their families.

Sports Committee Top
It's concerned with finding out students with physical abilities. Internal and external sports turns are planned. The committee plans to reserve a place in sport clubs. Students have achieved a lot of Egypt 1'st positions.

Art Committee Top
Concerned with finding out talents of students. It consists of chorus-music band , and theatre & plastic art.

Social Committee Top
It's concerned aside trips, social parties. There are two kinds of trips; one-day trip, long trips which last more than one day.

Cultural Committee Top
It's concerned with finding out talents of students such as writing poetry ,novels ,drama .it also undertakes the weekly magazine of the institute.
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