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The following rules and regulations apply to all undergraduate programs at the AIET Institute.
Credit Hour

All AIET Institute courses are assigned a credit hour value. One credit hour represents three hours of work per week by the student, including both class attendance and preparation. Laboratory and tutorial may or may not be given credit hours. An hour of laboratory or tutorial may be considered 1/3 to 1/2 credit hour.

Grade Points

Grades indicate what a student has achieved with respect to the objectives of the course. The AIET Institute uses a grading system that includes plus and minus grades as well as straight letter grades for all courses. These grades and their grade point values are indicated below.

These grades and their grade point values are indicated below.
 Percentage Course Marks  Grade  Grade  Points
 90% and higher  Excellent A  4
 85% to less than 90%  Excellent A-  3.7
 82% to less than 85%  Very Good B+  3.3
 78% to less than 82%  Very Good B  3
 75% to less than 78%  Very Good B-  2.7
 72% to less than 75%   Good C+  2.3
 68% to less than 72%  Good C  2
 65% to less than 68%  Good C-  1.7
 55% to less than 65%  Pass D+  1.3
 50% to less than 55%  Pass D  1
 less than 50%  Fail F  0

A student gets an E or NE grade in a course if he/she does not attend the final examination in that course. Grades E and NE are failing grades and carry no grade points. The grade E is for those who have an accepted excuse for their absence in the final examination, while grade NE is for those who do not have or refused excuse for their absence in the final examination.

Grade-Point Average

The current grade-point average (current GPA) and the cumulative grade-point average (cumulative GPA) are counted as indicated below.

 Course  Credit Hours  Grade  Grade  Points Quality Points
 TitleI  3  A  4  12
 TitleII  3  B-  2.7  8.1
 TitleIII  4  A-  3.7  14.8
 TitleIV  3  C  2  6
 TitleV  2  NE  0  0
 TitleVI  3  F  0  0
 Total  18      40.9

Therefore, the current GPA = 40.9/18 = 2.272.

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